• Whole, fresh and preservative-free foods were consumed by people in ancient times. Life was simple and more natural then. Whole – what does the word mean to you? Answering this simple question can support healing Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Whole foods refer to foods that are as whole as they grow on earth – with the fibre, with the essential and trace minerals, with all the layers mother nature intended there to be, intact. Nature has its wisdom when it grows and provides food. They are balanced and when we consume these whole foods, they burn slowly in our body. When a food burns slowly, it is absorbed and converted into blood sugar slowly as well. So it does not have a negative  or spiking impact on our GI (glycemix index)*.
  • When these whole foods are refined and when their essential fibres and healthy layers removed, then since their structure part is removed and starchy part remaining, they are quick to assimilate and digest in the body. Well, this way of digesting is a flawed mechanism. These quick foods also convert into blood sugar quickly increasing our glycemix index, leaving us hungry for more food sooner than later. So we tend to eat more food if we eat refined foods and sometimes this may lead to weight gain also.
  • In a world which thrives on quick information, media and fast results calculated by machines, computers and robots, we find the quick availability and assimilation of information easier. This lends into a body and mind habit of wanting everything quick and fast – including our food. Instead of taking time to chew more whole – complex and nutrient-dense foods which will burn slowly in our body giving us stable and steady-slow energy at a natural pace, we are now getting used to the harmful effects of fast eating/life. This isn’t a positive shift for our health or our planet.
  • For example, foods such as brown rice, which are whole, complex and nutrient dense, burn slowly in our body. In India, rice is used in temples signifying its meditative and spiritual qualities. In the Far East, the ideogram for rice is the same as the ideogram for peace – signifying a more natural and meditative pace. Eating rice – natural rice (brown rice) before it is refined and polished to become white, is healing, natural and meditative. On a biological level, it burns slowly in the body and hence maintains a slow and steady blood sugar/GI. While people consuming white rice, along with other “quick” foods such as white sugar, white bread, sweetened drinks, etc. may have a tendency to their blood sugar being erratic with extreme spikes and crashes. When this spike and crash behaviour continues for a long time, the body begins to shut down with exhaustion leading to a failure in the main organ that assimilates the blood sugar – the pancreas. This leads to the beginning of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • So to begin healing Type 2 Diabetes, the first thing one must do is remove all quick burning refined foods and include whole foods. Eat more brown rice, millets, amaranth, whole beans and lentils and vegetables and reduce or remove white sugar, refined oil, bread, white pasta, aerated drinks, sugary drinks, commercial quality desserts and preservative-laden foods from one’s diet. However, this must be done in consultation with a diabetes or natural medicine integrative health coach as there are many aspects to healing a disease when it has reached the stage of being a disease.

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*Glycemix index (GI) is a measure of how quickly a food can make your blood sugar (glucose) rise.

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