Is your daily grind getting you down? Do you find that you cannot detach yourself from the stress easily?

  • Sometimes, no matter how much we try, the mountain of workload and responsibilities keeps growing taller each day. In such situations, stress will buzz around us like a giant monster bee. Although stress can sometimes motivate us to work better, too much stress is detrimental to our health. So how will you fight this dilemma? Is there a quick, soothing stress reliever that will not take too much time out of your hectic life?
  • Yes there is. Music is one such stress buster that is soothing, hassle-free, requires very less dedicated time and is enjoyable as well!

How does music combat stress?

  • Music has been a part of our lives for as long as humankind exists. Music that originated from soothing sounds in nature has now carved its place in our lives as a multitude of artists from all over the world create different genres of music to soothe every soul. Besides being a delight to the ears, here are some ways in which music can help you de-stress:
  • Helps focus on your work When you are overburdened with a task or are hitting the gym with a goal of losing weight, you may often waver from your target. In such situations, music will help you anchor your thoughts and make your tedious work more pleasant.
  • Improves your sleep cycle If you are not able to sleep properly at night or feel stressed all day due to lack of sleep, listening to soothing melodies before going to bed will help you relax your mind and sleep properly.
  • Helps combat depression Depression can bring sadness and, sometimes, suicidal thoughts. Listening to music when you feel sad or low will elevate your mood, help you divert your mind from the situation and reduce the negative thoughts as well.
  • Reduces your blood pressure When you are stressed, your heart will pump faster as you react to the situation. When the heart beats more quickly than usual, blood pressure increases. Listening to music when you feel your blood pressure soaring or your anger building up will help divert your mind and relax your heart, thus reducing blood pressure.
  • Cuts through the feelings of pain Music will reduce not just your emotional pain but also physical pain. If you listen to music when you are in pain, your brain produces certain endorphins that make you happy and help you heal quickly.
  • Enhances your immunity You may be under a lot of stress when you are tied up with a huge workload. Sometimes, the stress alone is enough to lower your immunity, increasing the likelihood of infections. The body tries to fight against the bacteria or viruses that cause an infection by producing antibodies (proteins) against them. Listening to music for 50 minutes can aid in enhancing the production of antibodies, which will help cure the infection faster.
  • Reduces anxiety Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders and has almost become rampant. Unaddressed stress builds up and can lead to anxiety. Listening to music and doing mundane tasks can dramatically reduce anxiety.
  • Helps you tune into your emotions There may be several times when we feel happy or sad for no apparent reason. This may often lead to confusion and feeling out of sync with our emotions, which leads to stress and anxiety. Listening to different genres of music helps us connect with our feelings and allows us to stay tuned into our emotions.
  • Improves your concentration Do you think you are unable to tick off tasks on your daily to-do list and that it is building up your stress? Listening to the right kind of music greatly improves concentration and boosts productivity. Select the correct playlist and complete all that is present on your agenda efficiently.
  • Relaxes you When you have a very hectic day and you are feeling drained, the best way to relax is to play some music. Just listening to your favourite music will help in calming you down and may even help you feel energised.
  • You can listen to music anytime and anywhere and it will always have a great effect on the mood and will help in managing stress. Upbeat music improves concentration and positivity. It also enhances productivity significantly. On the other hand, listening to mellow music can soothe and calm your mind. According to research, music has almost the same effect on your mind as meditation.

What type of music is the best for stress management?

  • Sounds of nature like rain, thunder and birds chirping help in managing stress levels to a great extent. Instrumental music is also highly effective in reducing stress. So how do you decide which music is right for you? The answer lies in your response to these two questions — Do you like the music? Does it help you unwind? Every individual has a different taste in music, and there is no specific genre. Choose the music that you like, and it will help you manage your stress.
  • So, the next time you feel stressed, plug in your earphones, tune into your favourite music and unwind yourself. To know more about stress management, contact our expert therapists, who will guide you with a suitable way to combat stress. Get a stress test done from your nearby laboratory by using our HealthAssure app.

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