• Genes handed down by our ancestors are known to cause obesity. Along with these unwanted inheritances, the exciting tech inventions that improve the quality of life are making our lives increasingly sedentary. As we climb the scale of scientific and technological advancement, the numbers on the weighing scale rise too!1As we struggle to get back to our ideal weight, we are pulled in different directions by several fad diets and weight loss techniques, each claiming to be the best. Do you too find yourself in a spot where it is difficult to choose a weight loss technique that is right for you? Does a mixed review on each available diet and exercise routine make it more difficult to trust any of them? If yes, then this quick read will help you make the best of any weight loss routine you pick.
  • In our journey towards slimming, we have only a few real options that we can imagine incorporating into our routines. It is quite possible that you have chosen the best method after consulting a dietician, nutritionist or a doctor. Regardless of your path, certain strategies can ensure that you reach your goal with complete determination without being distracted. Keep reading to learn these simple and effective strategies to get the optimum benefits of your weight loss method.

Simple and Mindful Tricks to Lose Weight

  1. Motivation can make it easy:Nobody else but you! Yes, you are the only one who can help yourself lose weight. Look out for things that will help you focus and stay committed to this goal, like a beach vacation with friends, a wedding you want to attend or a date you are looking forward to. You can also motivate yourself by staying around people who encourage, support and love you. Find a partner for exercise and diet as things are a bit easier and more fun when you have good company.2
  2. Only a tangible goal is achievable: Set an achievable goal that will not affect your health adversely. Many of us are unable to identify a tangible goal for themselves. In simpler terms, you should aim to lose 5% of your weight in the long-term with not more than 1 kg per week. This weight loss is sufficient for reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Besides, you should focus more on process goals than on outcome goals. A process goal includes steps that you may follow to lose weight, e.g., walking 10,000 steps in a day, whereas outcome goals include what you aim to get out of the process goals, e.g., losing 1 kg weight per week. Focusing on the process goals and staying committed to them can help you achieve the outcome.2
  3. Enjoy your meals: Implementing new eating habits with fewer calories and healthy foods holds tremendous importance in weight loss. Going on a diet for weight loss does not mean that you have to kill your urge for tasty meals. You should gratify your taste buds, but make sure you give your body all the nutrition it needs by:
  4. Eating at least three servings of fruits and four servings of veggies each day.
  5. Lowering your sugar intake.
  6. Eating whole-grain foods instead of refined ones.
  7. Using a modest amount of healthy fats such as nut butter and vegetable oils.
  8. Eating limited amounts of low-fat dairy products, poultry and lean meat.2
  9. Stay active, live active: Simply changing your dietary habits can be effective, but routine physical activity can give you an edge. It can help you burn calories that can’t be burnt through just changing food habits. Besides, exercise can improve your mood, strengthen your body and lower blood pressure. It also strengthens your heart.


  • Exercise helps us lose weight and keep it stable. While a brisk walk for a minimum of 30 minutes per day helps most people lose weight, some individuals may need more than this. Consult a doctor if a walk of 30 minutes per day along with the diet plan is not working out for you. If you are too busy to involve yourself in such activities, you can simply change some habits like taking the stairs instead of an elevator and walking to nearby destinations instead of going by a vehicle.2
  1. Make commitment your mantra:Changing your perspective is essential to staying committed. Just changing your diet and lifestyle habits for a few months or a year cannot help you lose weight or keep it off permanently. You may end up regaining the lost weight when you stop exercising and dieting. Your dietician can help you tide through this.
  • Being overweight is a difficult problem to solve, and the solution will also need focus and long-term efforts. The diet and exercise methods you have opted for to achieve long-term weight loss will not matter if you do not commit to them. You may face occasional setbacks, but you can always start afresh the next day. Nobody can stop you from achieving your goal if you are ready to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle habits.2
  • Follow these strategies, cope with the setbacks and make your body fit and ready to take on this fast-moving world. To learn more about getting optimum results from your weight loss methods, consult expert dieticians and weight loss experts at www.healthassure.inor download the HealthAssure app.

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