• A seed has the capacity to give birth to a plant. It possesses potent life force energy and nature’s movement. It has the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate.


  • Somehow, we forget this power when we are choosing food these days. We have forgotten to look at foods we consume from the perspective of the power of a seed. Now think about it, when we consume whole cereal grains such as brown rice, wheat, varied millets, amaranth, barley, buckwheat etc. – these are seeds that are sowed in the fields to regenerate more seeds.  These seeds are also the fruit of the plant and consumed by us as the end produce. So a whole cereal grain contains both the seed and the fruit – which means it contains the full cycle of nature and hence is very powerful and healing.


  • When you sow a whole it gives us back a thousand grains – that is the power of a seed. Hence eating whole cereal grains in their whole form has the power to pass on life force to the cells and tissues of the body a thousand times. In other words it has the power rejuvenate and regenerate our health.


  • Now take this same logic to a packet of chips or a slice of bread or perhaps a box of corn flakes. Try sowing these in the soil? Will you get back a thousand chips? Or a thousand slices or bread or corn flakes? No, right? This is because they contain no power to regenerate. Their life force is very low.


  • Nature has a certain ebb and flow. There is a way that elements of nature interact with each other. It’s balanced, powerful and healing. Anything that grows in nature and is consumed in its undisturbed and unrefined form carries the same healing power of as nature itself. While foods that are refined, tampered with – preservatives and man-made chemicals added or refined and broken down will not carry the same power. The more natural foods have been meddled with, the less healing they become.


  • Food as a commodity was never supposed to be commercialized. Commercializing food means reducing its power to nourish our body, mind, brain, hormonal system and immunity. Seed based foods that come from farm to table have a healing capacity. While packaged commercialized foods have lesser or no goodness. In fact most are harmful! Commercial food colours, chemical preservatives, taste enhancers weaken the very structure and integrity of human biological system.


  • So next time you are making a meal plan or choosing to buy something at a store – think from the perspective of the power of a natural seed vs. the effect of man-made chemical laden foods.

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