Are tomatoes good or bad for us?

  • Tomatoes belong to a category of vegetables called as the “nightshade vegetables”. These vegetables are highly acidic, cause inflammation as well as pull out essential minerals from the body. In fact, repeated studies by Dr. Childers’s clearly show that people with arthritis do much better when get off nightshade vegetables as the inflammation in the body goes down when one stops to eat night shade vegetables.
  • Night shade vegetables also have a nature to grow more in the night time than in the day – this makes them less restful and more stimulating for people who consume them on a daily basis. Although, there are other foods that one combines with which makes them more or less stimulating.

Lycopene in tomatoes

  • Many recent studies have shown that lycopene in tomatoes is beneficial for health and in some cases even helps to heal cancer. This study was mostly done for certain type of cancers which were caused by heavy intake of red meat, saturated fats and poultry. A person who has consumed heavy greasy foods such as red meat, eggs, chicken, pork etc. in large qualities may benefit from tomatoes if consumed  in moderation. One man’s medicine may be detrimental to another person’s health. This is particularly very true for tomatoes. Although it cannot be good if consumed too often or for long periods daily for anyone.

Tomato soup?

  • Sadly, tomato soup especially the ones made from canned tomatoes is not a nourishing soup. Many people tend to have soups thinking they are healthy. There is science behind food combinations and body type that should be kept in mind. Not all soups are beneficial and the nature and quality of ingredients plays a big part in assessing whether a soup is healthy or not.

Quality of tomatoes

  • Since the tomatoes already have an acidic affect on the body, eating tomatoes which are chemically produced/sprayed would have a more adverse effect. If using tomatoes, it is also beneficial to use organic or home-grown pesticide-free tomatoes.

Occasional or daily consumption?

  • Quantity determines quality. Eating tomatoes occasionally may be enjoyable and sometimes even beneficial. Having them on a daily basis in many dishes per day, as we do in many modern Indian households, is not a healthful practice.
  • It’s tough breaking the news about tomatoes not being healthy to people in India as it’s consumed so often nowadays as a “taste-maker” in so many recipes. However, in ancient Ayurvedic and nature-cure texts it is clearly mentioned that tomatoes are an acidic plant. These texts also say that the sour of tomatoes and the juicy centre with the seeds is considered highly acidic and reduce the immune function. Few books also say that the leaves of the tomato plant are poisonous.
  • For a person suffering from nutritional deficiencies or someone who is prone to common colds, allergies or infections, tomatoes can worsen their health condition.  Also a person who has arthritis or any disease ending with “itis” or a person with a weak digestion will find themselves feeling stronger if they give up tomatoes for 6-8 weeks.

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